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    The Community Fire Company, Inc. of Millington, Maryland was established in 1923. The town experienced two major fires prior to the establishment of the fire company. The first fire was in 1904 which destroyed the entire business section of the town. Firefighting equipment was brought in from Wilmington, Delaware and arrived by freight train. The drive from Wilmington to Millington (40 miles) would have been too much wear and tear on the firefighting equipment.

     In 1923 a group of townspeople got together to decide on what must be done to establish a community fire department. Such names as J.B. Anderson, Edgar "Span" Stevens, Benjamin Dulin, Spencer Stevens, John Tolins Sr., John
Tolins Jr., Clarence Melvin, Robert M. Logan and Doc Henson were instrumental in establishing the department. All those names were charter members of the company.

     The switch that activated the siren was located on the outside of the building. To alert the fire company citizens would call by telephone to Nat and Mary Brambles restaurant, which was just across the street from the firehouse. Members of Mr. Brambles family would then cross the street and sound the alarm.
     Fire coverage for the small town of Millington was spread out over a very wide area, taking in other towns and farms.

     The first piece of fire apparatus was a four man hand pumper. The first piece of power driven equipment was a chain drive American La France (year unknown). The equipment
was housed in a garage at the residence of J.B. Anderson until a firehouse could be built.
     The firehouse was built on Sassafras Street. It had enough room for two engines which sat side by side. A room next to the engine room was rented to the postal department and was used as the Post Office until the late 1950's. Above the engine room and Post Office was a meeting hall. The need for more space was painfully felt as time went by. So, an addition was built on increasing the size of the engine room and adding a kitchen and meeting room on the second floor.

       To raise money to purchase new equipment several types of fund raisers were used. In the early years of the department, carnivals were the big event. The carnival would normally run for about a week with the Firemans Parade being the biggest night. Later on "Donation Week" became the main fund raiser for the company. Such people as Ed VanSant, J.B. Anderson, Ed Conner, Louis Hollet, and Lee Bramble would take a piece of equipment and go from door to door seeking donations.

        All fire companies have certain individuals who stand out. Two persons who fit this category were J.B. Anderson and Merritt " Flush " Robinson. Mr. Anderson helped establish the company in 1923 and served as Chief Engineer for over 30 years and was an active member for 43 years. Merritt Robinson served as Fire Recorder for many years as well as a reporter for the local newspaper. His accounts of fires and fire company activities were made known to the community.

        It soon became apparent that more space was needed to house bigger and more sophisticated equipment. Hence, on September 6, 1975 the move was made to the newly constructed firehouse on Sassafras Street north of the old firehouse. The building was made of steel and consisted of an engine room, kitchen and meeting room. The old firehouse was sold to David Eastman. The money was used for the new building.

        In 1988 an addition was added to this building. It now has an auditorium, a new kitchen, a bar, a stage and new bathrooms. This new addition was dedicated on October 22, 1988. The Dedication Plaque reads, "This hall is dedicated in memory and honor of the men and women of the Fire Company, past, present and future."
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