Kent Co Sheriff John Price swears in 2019 Line Officers:  Deputy Fire Chief CJ Morales, Chief Engineer Elwood Barnes, EMS Captain Adam Brown, EMS Lieutenant Aaron Brown, Fire Recorder Russell Teat.  Absent due to inclement weather duties:  Fire Chief Dillon Bennett, Asst Fire Chief Richard McIntyre, Asst Chief Engineers Jeff Squires & Roger Pearson
 Chief Deputy Chief Assistant Chief
Dillon Bennett  CJ Morales Richard "Mac" Intyre
Chief Engineer Asst Chief Engineer Asst Chief Engineer
Elwood Barnes  Jeff Squires Roger Pearson
  Fire Recorder  
  Russell Teat  
Captain  Lieutenant
Adam Brown Aaron Brown
President  Vice President  Treasurer
Richard "Mac" Intyre Jessica Bennett Paige Hickman
Secretary Asst Treasurer Asst Secretary
Jeremy Rothwell CJ Morales Julie Amado

Kent Co Sheriff John Price swears in 2019 Administrative Officers and Board of Directors (BOD):  Vice President/BOD Jessica Bennett, Secretary/BOD Jeremy Rothwell, Asst Secretary Julie Amado, Treasurer/BOD Paige Hickman, Asst Treasurer/BOD CJ Morales; Board of Directors Leroy Davis & Adam Brown.  Absent due to inclement weather duties: Fire Chief/BOD Dillon Bennett, President/BOD Richard McIntyre, BOD Wayne Starkey, Asst Chief Eng BOD Roger Pearson
 Elwood Barnes Dillon Bennett Jessica Bennett Adam Brown
Leroy Davis Paige Hickman CJ Morales Richard 'Mac' McIntyre
Roger Pearson Jeremy Rothwell Wayne Starkey  

Thank you to Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company for providing Stand-By duty on the evening of Jan 12, 2019, so that Millington First Responders could attend the Installation Dinner.  
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